Natural Scratching Post from P.E.T.S.4Cats

­­­­­Quality cat scratching post:

What’s the difference between a quality cat scratcher and a cheap one? Surely the answer is: the choice of materials.

In realising our P.E.T.S.4CATS scratchers, we only employ high-quality materials and pay particular attention to safety, well-being and the environment. You will be surprised how materials as diverse  as wood, fabrics, stuffings, paints and glues can all be manufactured in ways that are respectful of our planet.

struttura del tiragraffi ecologico

The structure of our scratching posts:

The first important choice is what material should be used to obtain a durable, roubust, natural and eye-pleasing structure. We prefer MDF (medium-density fibreboard). Besides having all the foregoing features, MDF panels are easy to manipulate, have great mechanical qualities, and are manufactured from roundwood and waste and scraps of wood of different species.

Our cat scratching posts also have kennels and poles. These are made of robust, 100% recyclable cardboard and covered with sisal, a 100% natural and sustainable fibre obtained from agave. Our sisal ropes are non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable and free from chemical treatments.

For our scratchers we only use CE marked MDF panels, which comply with EU standard UNI EN 13986. In order to be marked CE, panels must meet a number of technical requirements. Resistance to traction and flexion is an example; but the most important requirement concerns health and safety, and is about the release of free formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde or formalin is present in many of the glues used to manufacture MDF panels. It is toxic, irritating and, most of all, carcinogenic. In the first period after manufacturing, free formaldehyde is released in significant quantities. It takes no less than 6 years for those quantities to halve.

MDF panels of CE class E1 are certified to have insignificant formaldehyde emission levels (less than 0.1 parts per million).


Pads and scratching post:

Pads are the cat’s whiskers of our production. We are proud to say we are the first to make pads that, besides being well-designed, practical and hygienic, also guarantee superior comfort and psycho-physical well-being for your cat.

The top part of our pads is made of 100% recycled fabric obtained from suitably treated scraps and used clothes. This makes for a remarkably low environmental footprint: there is no need for additional dying, and therefore no release of chemicals in the environment; we save water, a precious resource; finally, by using recycled fibres we do not contribute to the intensive exploitation of cotton plantations and we avoid polluting the environment with pesticides and fertilisers.

For the bottom part of our pads we have chosen a high-performing Velcro support: attach and detach the pad as much as you like, it won’t lose its functionality.

cuscini dei tiragraffi

All fabrics used for our pads meet the environmental demands of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, a testing and certification system for evaluating the quality of manufacturing processes WITH RESPECT TO HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

The stuffing of our pads is a perfect match between nature and technology. The underside of our stuffing is made with a OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 resinated wadding which must guarantee stability to the product.  The top part is obtained from corn, it is 100% natural and promotes well-being, sustainability and respect for the environment. It is wholly eco-friendly, completely and easily renewable, and has no impact on existing food resources. Moreover, since comparatively small quantities of fossil fuels are used in its manufacturing, it has a low environmental footprint, with greenhouse emissions that are half those from the manufacturing of polyester. It is as performing as the best natural and synthetic fibres, and yet it is not a petroleum derivative: it is biodegradable, ecological, insulating, hypoallergenic, washable, eco-friendly, and it does not retain humidity – thereby guaranteeing an ideal temperature and making your pet’s resting and relaxing moments really special.


Paints and glues for a natural scratching post

For assembly and finishings, we have been very keen on choosing components with no impact on health. Both our glues and our finishings are classed as non-dangerous under EC regulation 1272/2008 and amendments.